DHO Started skiing in Switzerland nearly 100 years ago.  Switzerland was where skiing as a sport and recreation was invented and Switzerland is still home the most famous ski race – the Lauberhorn – and some of the best competitive skiers.

​The Swiss ski resorts of Wengen and Zermatt are our permanent training bases.  Both work for us on may levels.  The terrain of their high mountains guarantees us snow when we need it; pedestrianised, compact villages are safer for children; the country operates like clockwork and we can be assured that our resort partners will deliver in partnership with us.

​The elements of the Swiss culture also work throughout DHO Racing – patience, precision, tolerance and team work.  Switzerland means a lot to us and a lot to how we operate as a club and a team.

​We award three awards to our children every year.  The Eiger, Monch and Jungfrau awards.  These are the three peaks the overshadow Wengen.  Each prize winner receives a trophy – the trophies are made from racks collected from the tops of these mountains.

​The Eiger is the smallest of the three peaks, but by far the toughest to ascend.  The award of this trophy reflects the shear hard work of ascending the north face, and we award this to the skier who has put in the most physical effort over the season.

​The Monch is not very well know, but makes up the three peaks above Wengen and is on every photograph of the summits.  The award of this trophy reflects the team play amongst out children – the skier who has been there in the background supporting their team mates,

​The Jungfrau is the tallest of the peaks, and the Jungfrau Award is given to the skier who delivered the best performance over the season.

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