Fitness Training for skiers who want to excel

The DHOracing Manual was produced for the benefit of skiers - typically aged 15+ - who had decided that skiing was a sport in which they wished to excel and who wanted to make sure that they reached a level of fitness that would enable them to do so. If in doubt please consult our head coach.

This manual is not intended for children under that age, no matter what their ambitions. Although the principles apply to everyone involved in physical activity and training, the specifics are aimed at adolescents and adults. Children have their own capacities and requirements: they must not be looked on as mini-adults – or even mini-adolescents.

Do not be in a hurry to start serious training. Children of all ages can be carrying out fitness training – even strength training. It should, however, be general and whole-body training. Good advice would be to take part in a variety of sports inside and outside school. Gymnastics, martial arts and swimming are very good for developing body management; and ball sports and team sports offer good opportunities to develop skills and awareness.

What follows is mainly directed at the older, more experienced serious ski racer – the one who feels that increased fitness is a major factor in the way forward. Articles specifically aimed at younger children will be added as they become available.

Before You Start

Prior to starting any training it is recommend that you have a medical examination to ensure it is safe for you to do so. Any application of these training programmes is at the athlete's own discretion and risk.

Graham Crouch

(July 2016)


Fitness for National Squad Selection