School Boys Races

The school boys event is held at the home of DHO in Wengen. DHO are providing training and race support for this event, open to all schools who are entering the race. We have put a package together that includes race training on the piste the skiers will be competing on and race support. Our professional coaches will provide gate training a couple days before the race to prepare your team for the event. When the races begin our coaches will support your school throughout the day, taking each skier down the course for an inspection and helping them in the start gate right before their race runs. Before each race there is a team captains meeting which our coaches will attend and pass on all the important information to the team manager.

Please note lift tickets and accommodation are booked when you enter your team(s). Flights and transfers are to be booked separately.

Teams are composed of four competitors, best three from each run to count with a maximum of two teams per school, substitutes can be made in the event of injury or illness.  All competitors must be under the supervision of an adult who will be responsible for them at all times.  Minis can enter but cannot be included in school teams and team events.

If you have any questions please contact us