It is a condition of acceptance for a DHOracing camp that the skier has adequate insurance.
The Downhill Only Club has taken out extensive insurance cover but this is to ensure that its liabilities as a club are properly covered. It should not be confused with the personal travel insurance that all skiers require to takeout in order to take part in the sport of ski racing.
You need to ensure that your child has insurance which provides cover that is suitable and adequate for your specific requirements, for the sport of ski racing and for the requirements of the camp.

It must include:
• ski racing (even if the camp is only a training camp) and
• off-piste skiing.

It should also include:
• cancellation cover in case of illness, injury or unavoidable delay in departure from the UK,
• cover for loss of or damage to equipment – make sure this is adequate to replace expensive items such as skis,
• cover for theft, loss or damage to personal effects, including sufficient to cover any money that the skier brings with them,
• cover sufficient for any medical treatment the skier may require
• third party cover sufficient to deal with any damage or accidents caused by the skier,
• cover for helicopter rescue from the ski slopes (this is a requirement for all race entries),

You may also like to consider:
• insurance against loss of skiing time due to weather conditions. Resorts will usually only recompense skiers if all or nearly all of the lifts are closed.

Please read your policy details carefully.
Please note that most travel insurance policies do not cover hazardous activities such as ski racing, race training or off-piste skiing– and there will almost certainly be an additional charge for these additions.
DHOracing requires that you provide certain information on your insurance. You should also consider bringing policy information with you.
We cannot check insurance policies. It is your job to ensure that cover is adequate.

Time to think about Insurance ?