DHOracing takes the care of your children very seriously.

Alongside the forms and policies that are needed to keep our administration watertight, you will find documents that inform our safeguarding and pastoral programme.

FIS, BSS and SSE Documents

Many of the DHOracing documents and policies have been constructed with reference to advice from our governing bodies. Some of those original documents can be read here.

Documents and Forms

You should find all you need here (the Camp Application Form and the Trainee Information Form should be filled in online in the Camp pages but can be downloaded here).

DHOracing policies may be read or downloaded from here.


It is a condition of acceptance for a DHOracing camp that the skier has adequate insurance.
The Downhill Only Club has taken out extensive insurance cover but this is to ensure that its liabilities as a club are properly covered. It should not be confused with the personal travel insurance that all skiers require to takeout in order to take part in the sport of ski racing.