Tobias Porter

Tobias started his skiing career in year 3 at primary school with PE lessons going to the local dry slope and learning how to ski. He quickly progressed through the skills, exercises and levels looking to find a new challenge, which ended up in him starting to race. Tobias quickly worked his way through the British dry slope circuit do and range of different competitions from schools racing to gran prix and English dry slope champs.

Again searching for new challenges Tobias decided to take racing to the snow and joined up with the DHO racing and training in all the same camps he coaches in now. He raced in many different championships and completes only one season in FIS before retiring to become a coach for the very club he had raced for for many years.

He has now completed a few European seasons for DHO also taking on free lance work for schools and working as an organizer for championships such and the Swiss schools and British University races.

In 2015 Tobias decided to take his coaching to the southern hemisphere and began to work for the Team Hotham Race Squad in Australia.